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Welding Electrodes uses an arc that conducts the current through two pieces of work piece which are fused together. In shielded metal arc welding electrode is consumable and in gas tungsten arc welding the electrode is non consumable. The welding stick or rod in a filling type weld is a cathode and for other welding methods it is an anode for a current system which is direct. For systems using alternating currents the welder arc is not considered as cathode or an anode.

Particular kind of power supply is used for it which produces an electric spark between the base product and the electrode at the welding point to soften the metals. The arc welding can use alternating or direct current and non consumable or consumable electrodes. Slag, vapour or shielding gas is used to protect the welding region. These processes can be fully automated, semi automatic or manual.


Consumable Electrode Methods

Shielded metal arc welding is the most common and simple type of welding arc. It is also called stick welding or manual metal arc welding. The arc is stricken by electric current between the consumable stick or rod and the base material. The material used for making electrode rod is compatible with the material used for base which is being welded and it is covered with a flux that provide shielding gas and gives off vapors by offering a layer of slag and both of these protect from atmospheric contamination of the welding area. The separate filler material is unnecessary as the electrode core is providing as the filler material. The ferrous materials are generally welded in this process but it is also possible with copper, aluminium, nickel, cast iron and other metals.

The other types of consumable electrode methods include gas metal, submerged and flux cored arc welding.

Non Consumable Electrode Methods

Inert or tungsten gas welding is a process of welding which is done manually. Tungsten is a non consumable electrode which is used in this process and separate filler material or inert gas mixtures are also used. Thin materials are welded using this method and it is featured by high quality welds and stable arcs, but it also requires skills of an operator which is achieved at comparatively low speeds. Light metals and stainless steel are mainly used to weld in this process.

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