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How to Buy Welding Equipment

Monday, November 22, 2010
Welding is more of an art than a science, one of my close friends in the welding business once said to me. He was referring to the enormous detailing and attention required by the welder to execute a welding job without exposing himself to the risk of any injuries.

Every welder begins with the selection of an appropriate mix of welding equipment, which is required to execute different kinds of welding jobs. A number of factors have to be taken into consideration while making a selection of welding equipment.

Depending upon the money you might want to invest, you can buy new welding equipment or opt to buy second hand welding equipment. However, experienced welders are invariably of the opinion that new welding equipment promises more reliability and safety and the used welding equipment may let you down when you need it the most.

Welders also need to choose between multi process welding equipment and a separate welding machine for each process depending upon the kind of welding jobs they regularly execute for their clients. While choosing welding equipment, one also needs to take into account the type and size of the metal on which welding has to be done. For instance, welding thick aluminium would require much more powerful machine than the one required for welding thin sheet metal. Needless to say, the price of more powerful welding equipment will obviously be more than the less powerful ones.

Welders are also of the opinion that a multi process welding machine takes longer to switch between processes. The welding torches and welding cables also become unmanageable when working with a multi process welding machine. As such, seasoned welders recommend using separate welding equipment for different processes.

Welding equipment safety is a big concern for all those who are involved in the business and processes of welding. Welding jobs can be dangerous for skin and eyes due to the brightness and strong ultra violet rays generated by welding machines. Also, welding machines release enormous amounts of heat that a welder must safeguard against.

Metals like zinc, stainless steel and copper generate some gases while welding is being performed on them. These gases can prove to be very dangerous for the health of a welder.
Usage of industrial welding masks is very strongly recommended to welders to safeguard themselves from such hazardous fumes. Needless to say, the use of proper welding equipment and safety habits can help one avoid any risks involved with welding.


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