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The Weekend Welding Course Overview

Saturday, July 3, 2010
The demand for welders is growing quickly because the increase in industrial manufacturing has caused a corresponding increase in the need for skilled welders.

Welding has long been the backbone of the industrial and construction industries. Shopping malls, office buildings, gas and oil pipelines, sea ports, mines, manufacturing and many other concerns all require highly trained welders; Many of these welders learned the skills they posess via a weekend welding course.

There is currently a shortage of welding professionals in the international labor pool. By 2011, the demand for skilled welders is predicted to outweigh supply by around two hundred thousand (200,000) jobs.

The average salaries of welders vary with different specialties in the field. Some of the average salaries for various welding careers are:

* Welder Helper $42,000
* Combo Welder Journeyman $46,000
* Welder ND Shift $48,000
* Structural Fitter and Welder $49,000
* Pipefitter/Welder $51,000
* Field Service Welder $57,000
* Welder Mechanic $58,000
* Welder Track Maintenance $62,000
* Journeyman Welder & Fabricator $70,000
* Welder Supervisor $84,000

Keep in mind these are only average salary figures. Many welding professionals, even those fresh out of school and with little experience earn substantially higher salaries.

As you can see, the welding industry is booming and there appears to be no end in sight to the demand for qualified welders. There are numerous schools and even college degree programs available today within the United States and around the world to obtain the skills needed to launch an exiting and lucrative career in the welding field.

If you have been considering a career as a professional welder, now is definitely the time to start an online weekend welding course. Good Luck!


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