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Beckwood Press Company has announced their own Scott Pryer will deliver an education session on the use of additive-manufactured tools (3D Printed) within the sheet hydroforming process, during the Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) Education & Training Conference in Tucson, Arizona from April 6-10, 2014. The presentation will aim to educate visitors to the significant capability gains acquired when combining the two already-capable processes.

Attendees will be given an overview of the benefits additive-manufactured tools provide sheet hydroformers, including tooling cost reduction and rapid part development. The itinerary will also cover supplemental technologies which further aid the sheet hydroforming process, including advanced forming simulation software which expedites new part quoting & development. Mr. Pryer has over 40 years of metal forming experience, with an extensive background in both Fluid Cell and Deep Draw Sheet Hydroforming.

“This type of collaboration, between additive manufacturing & sheet hydroforming, reflects the future of manufacturing,” said Beckwood/Triform Sales Manager, Ryan Pendleton. “Sheet metal and composite forming operations are quickly learning that leveraging these, and other, technologies can have an exponential impact on their ability to form parts better and faster. We’re excited for the opportunity to share this educational information with AMUG attendees.”

The AMUG conference is being held April 6-10, 2014 in Tucson, Arizona. Learn more about AMUG and the event at http://www.additivemanufacturingusersgroup.com/events.htm.

The Beckwood Press Company is a leading hydraulic press and automation systems supplier, located in St. Louis, MO. They offer a variety of custom hydraulic presses for a variety of industries & applications. New heated platen technology, on-board PM features and integrated barcode scanning capability will help you work smarter & more efficiently. Beckwood also manufactures the Triform line of Sheet Hydroforming Presses at their St. Louis, MO manufacturing facility. Get the latest news from Beckwood Press Company at http://www.beckwoodpress.com/news.


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