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There seems to be quite the debate if mig welding is better than tig welding. It might it easier to determine this if we first look at what the basics of welding are and what it is used for.

If you ask a welder they will tell you that welding is the most economical and efficient way to join metals permanently. To make two pieces of metal act as a single piece the only way to do this is to weld them together. Welding is one of the highest ranks of the industrial processes and it takes a lot of knowledge science and the variables to be a welder. Compared to any other of the industrial processes, you need more education of math and sciences to be a good welder. There are many ways to weld, many styles to welding, it can be done with heat or not and you can basically weld anywhere. If you look around welding is everywhere. Most of the things you see are welded. If we didn’t have welders we would not have much at all.

One of the styles of welding is tig (tungsten insert gas) welding. You use this style when you don’t want to transfer heat very much. When you weld you are concerned with the immediate area in your weld. When you use the tig weld you can do more intricate work. It is also used more for smaller projects as it’s more of a direct weld.

In comparison when you mig weld it is wire fed and affects the area around the weld. So when joining the two pieces, and there is no concern for the surrounding area, then mig (metal inert gas) is the weld you want to use. Mig welding is known to be the less versatile of the two styles. It is said to be the easier of the two welds and is often referred to as the “hot glue gun “of welding. It is used more for larger projects. It is a much stronger weld and better used in industrial welding.

I think it’s fair to say that both mig and tig welding have their purposes. I think it’s hard to say which is better as I think it is based on what type of welding you are doing. One works better for some things and the other for other things. So it is quite a broad question that can’t really be answered easily. The one thing that can is the importance of welding. It is very important in the functioning of our society.

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