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Future of Welding Industry in India

Monday, March 17, 2014
In order to exist in the competitive market, steel industry and manufacturers will have to customize themselves as per the requirement of the market. Some of the expected future trends are - removing pre-heating and post-heating from the fabrication process, switching from manual metal arc welding to semi automatic welding, increased automation to enhance productivity, enhanced use of stainless steel and aluminium and improved productivity. Cost of machine, automation, fabrication, labour cost, energy cost and consumable cost should be reduced. Software will also have a crucial role in decreasing set-up time and calculating fabrication cost in real time.

In order to improve the communication, it is important that welding electrode machine manufacturers should posses uniformly globally accepted education and certification. The Indian Institute of welding is a member of International Institute of Welding and is a recognized national body offering the related education and training.

Welding electrode manufacturing plants will have to keep innovating new products having high performance and high quality. Also the product should be affordable. There is acute crunch of trained welding electrode machine manufacturers in the market. The Indian Institute of Welding is contributing a lot in this field by offering training to the welding electrode machine manufacturers helping them to hone their skills.

The welding industry comprises of 3 parts:

1) The welder or the direct labour who carries out the welding operation.
2) Welding electrode machine manufacturers India who offers facilities and services needed by the welder.
3) The client who relies on welding and joining process to get their final products manufactured.

The welding electrode manufacturing plant depends on welders and clients to achieve their goal of improved market and higher growth.

One of the big challenges faced by the local manufacturers in India is the considerable import of welding equipment. The increased imports has negatively impacted the market share of local participant in various industries such as shipbuilding, automative and transportation and white appliances. Another challenge faced by welding electrode plants is the unorganized sector that presently occupies nearly 50-55% of the market. Lack of standard specification and tedious approval process is resulting in the growth of unorganised sector. In order to remain competitive, Welding Electrodes Machine Manufacturers India need to produce high quality and unique goods. With increasing competition and lower profit margins, manufacturers need to improve their service, performance and delivery.

The welding technology used in the past was good, the present is encouraging and the future is excellent. The client expectation should be high and focus on price should be huge in future. The welding electrode manufacturing plant will have to be innovative to face the challenges.


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