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Hardfacing Welding

Thursday, October 21, 2010
HP wear plate is based on the company’s own R&D of the automatic welding machine. With Japan Kurimoto hardfacing welding technology and Vautid welding material, the finished products are nice looking and with excellent wear resistant strength. This unique hardfacing welding process is able to obtain the following advantages:

Outstanding welding strength
Better processibility
Consistent hardness
Heat endurance
Hardfacing welding can largely reduce maintenance cost, increase productive efficiency, reduce energy resources consumption, extend maintenance period.

HP plate is applicable to different industrial field, such as cement plant, power plant, steel mill, mining industry, bulk vessel, heavy machinery industries etc. wherever need to combat with a severe worn-out. The product includes roller, table liner, chute, cyclone, damper, elbow, pipe line, separator, ventilator, bunker, channel, screen, hopper, screw, bucket, cutter, truck, impeller, housing, duct, and so on…

HP-Plate (Wear Resistant Compound Steel Plate) was founded in 1994, the former Taiwan's Upking-Kurimoto Ltd., led by the president Mr. Zhang Kun Mou. Using the world famous Japan KURIMOTO hardfacing welding patented technology, with welding materials produced by Vautid GmbH, HP-Plate has become the most professional expertise specializing in production and sales of hardfacing wear resistant compound plate.


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