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American Black Fox laser technology company recently announced a new plastics welding technology, it was considered in the packaging industry, these technologies have great potential.

Laser welding is based on: more than the connection strength of base metal Connector Can be connected through to the launch of high-energy laser beam of base metal, base metal absorption, melting, and the process of integration together to achieve. Rely on the traditional fiber-optic laser welding technology to transmit laser, the result is only 1mm wide weld around the limitations of laser welding of large components or complex geometric shapes of plastic components into a time-consuming and difficult process.

But the Black Fox development of bipolar high-energy laser system, the width of welded joints up to 20mm, hence the large size of thermoplastic materials can be welded. This technology has been successfully applied to polypropylene, polycarbonate and thin film materials for welding. According to the company, this technology can also be plastic welding between different materials, such as between the foam and the plastic film and plastic Mold Between welding.

Introduction of this technology, one of the plastic packaging industry to use large is undoubtedly good news. Plastic packaging materials used for a long time, but to ensure its connectivity and sealing, the main link or the use of chemical and thermoplastic adhesive pressure link the main problems is waste material, and the poor reliability of connection and seal . In food, chemicals and other packaging, the use of welding technology advantages are obvious, in addition to a wide weld, the welding operation without direct contact with the plastic and it is a non-contact system to ensure, so there will be no product contamination problem, nor do they need to add binders or flux. When using a low surface energy polyolefin plastic, the need to add accessories or preheat the base metal, welding can be directly applied to obtain good joints airtight. Another advantage is the bipolar highly controlled laser system, the energy stability, the quality of welded joints consistency, higher reliability, the material on the thin ultra-fine solder. Bipolar laser welding system components do not limit the size and geometry.

Experts predict, the technology in the packaging industry, at least the following potential applications: The first is the need for higher sealed packaging requirements. Including milk powder, salt and other food and crystal class of industrial chemicals and fertilizers, sealed packaging. These products easily deliquescence, it is necessary to consider the sealing of their packaging, but also to prevent contaminants into the process of sealing, plastic bag-free bipolar contact laser welding is to comply with this requirement.

Followed by the plastic containers as an alternative iron or paper containers. In the humidity of the environment, paper packaging easy to damp deformation, seismic impact resistance variation, with a plastic plate welded into containers with lids, apparently can overcome these disadvantages. In the high-salt, high corrosive gas environment, iron or aluminum containers will rust corrosion, but also provides a handy plastic container. As the laser welding process is simple plastic container, the cost is not high, re-use is good, so instead of paper or iron containers, large-scale into the daily life is to be expected. And the use of bipolar laser welding technology to produce shaped plastic containers or shaped bracket. Applications for a variety of glass, crystal, ceramic crafts and fragile or shock requiring high precision instruments. Such products are now mainly rely on foam and wood bracket to shock, the former more than material needs to a single system Mold . Shock resistance of the latter little worse. With bipolar laser welding technology to make these shaped bracket, to overcome these deficiencies. Cost is not high, the effect is good and flexible. This is a pole of the advantages of laser welding technology into full play applications.


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