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Sunday, October 30, 2011
In this day and age and the economic turbulent times we find ourselves in, it has become more and more important to buy good quality products that are going to last. It's also important to try and save costs whenever possible. In the area of metal finishing this is vitally important.

When we are working with metal we must first buy a good quality metal that meets all of our standards. Then to get the longest life out of that metal we need to protect it with corrosion and abrasion preventive coatings. We also want this process to fit nicely into our manufacturing process. This is where a good metal finishing process becomes very valuable.

There are a number of ways to finish your particular metal project ranging from painting to electroplating or powder coating. They all have their pros and con's as well as cost effectiveness. Depending on the type of metal you are working with and what the end product is going to be used for you will need to find the best process for your project.

If you are unsure of the best metal finish for you project there are a great number of metal finishing shops that can be found in any decent sized city. So, just as you might get a second opinion from a doctor for a major disease or ailment, you should get quotes from a few different metal finishing shops as to the best finish for your metal and what it will be used for.

Also, with the rapid decline in our nation's natural resources you may want to look into refinishing an old part before going straight out and buying an expensive new part (recycling or refurbishing). In many cases a metal finishing and refinishing shop can bring back your old part to nearly new.

Forward thinking could also save you time and money. Let's say you are building a new metal shop or pole barn. Do you really want metal colored fasteners that don't match your painted or coated metal siding and roof? Well, you could go around and paint each fastener head after you finished building. But, is the paint going to match? And who wants to spend days or weeks on a ladder with a tiny paint brush, dabbing each and every screw head?

Wouldn't make more sense to buy a color match, corrosion and abrasion resistant fastener as part of your project? Or let's take it a bit farther. Wouldn't it be better to take the raw metal fasteners to a metal finishing company and have each and every one of them professionally coated to match your project? It would save you time and money in the long run and no doubt last longer saving you even more time and money!


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