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Jackson Welding Helmets

Saturday, November 12, 2011
When in the market for a welding helmet, key features that the buyer should be looking for in them are the degree of protection they give the welder, how long they will last ie: hard wearing and if this is a brand of superior quality. The Jackson auto darkening welding helmets have all these features and within its brand there are many different series of high quality with a multitude of designs.

Priced under $300 these helmets fit most budgets and will do the simplest welding jobs all the way up to most complex jobs. Two lightweight helmets in this brand are the Jackson Hell raiser and the Jackson safety Halo X which in spite of their moderate price will accomplish most welding jobs and the latter model has an extra feature known as a hydraflex shell.

During the welding process an arc is struck and without adequate protection, this can result in burns to the skin or face. A welder who uses a Jackson helmet can work with confidence knowing that they have maximum protection. Another danger in welding are the ultra violet rays emitted from this process, in the absence of a good helmet the welder can develop inflammation of the cornea also known as violet keratitis. Jackson helmets provide sufficient protection from these rays and they meet the standards set by the industry and also have all the required security features.

In the older models, the welder had to work with the helmet in the up position to enable him to see while working and when he struck the arc he would shake his head to allow the helmet drop to protect him. Sometimes sparks would fly before the helmet would descend hurting the welder but today the newer models have LED screens that allow adjustment as the light changes. This allows the helmet to stay in the down position ensuring the safety of the welder at the very instant the arc is struck without any intervention from the welder.

Even though all helmets over time will develop cracks and lose their effectiveness a good helmet such as the Jackson brand will offer protection over a long period. So always purchase a helmet that meets the industry's standards to ensure that you will get value for your money and good protection against ultraviolet and infrared rays for a long time.

Risks involved in welding include flash burns, sparks, heat and ultraviolet rays as well as retina burns, arc eye and inflamed corneall mostly injury to the facial area as a result of infrared and ultraviolet exposure. A good Jackson helmet provides protection over the face and neck preventing most of these injuries.

Over the years, male and female welders continue to use Jackson helmets because this is a brand they can depend on to keep them safe. The superior quality of the Jacksonproducts makes them a brand on which other products in the industry are measured. Jackson offers a diverse line of products including Jackson auto darkening welding helmets which are the number one requirement for any serious welder.


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