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Aluminum Welding Tips

Wednesday, August 19, 2009
Welding aluminum is not easy. The real problem is that the metal heats up quickly and it also has a low melting point. Welding aluminum is not difficult if certain measures are taken. Some of the useful tips for welding aluminum are as follows:

First thing you have to do is preheat the aluminum with a blowtorch. Aluminum tends to distort quite a bit when a local hotspot is caused by a welding torch. Pre-heating the aluminum tends to minimize the distortion. Be prepared to move the welding torch much faster than when welding steel or other metals. Never stop moving the welding gun along the weld, as this will cause a localized area of the aluminum stock to heat up. Argon gas is also used to weld aluminum. But both argon and helium can also work depending on the equipment used.

Aluminum can be welded with a MIG welder also. When it comes to equipment the general agreed standard for welding aluminum is a TIG welder, the problem here is the fact that they can cost upward of $6000 to purchase. If tungsten electrode on the welding gun becomes contaminated, stop at once. When welding steel it is quite possible to fill gaps between the joining surfaces with the weld. This is just not possible with aluminum, so all pieces must be fitted together as tightly as possible so that a nice clean weld can be made.

Aluminum is a low density metallic substance used in a wide range of different appliances and fields. Having such a low density is not only an attractive feature of aluminum, it excels at conducing both electricity and heat, as a result of this, it is frequently encountered in power generators, the conduction of heat prevents from such appliances will prevent the wiring from melting.

In reality aluminum can wrap, crack, bend or simply not stick. To weld aluminum successfully and safely you need to follow these steps: Things that you need are TIG welder, Welding safety gear, stainless steel brush, argon gas supply and Heat sink. Wear a thick long sleeve shirt to prevent yourself from getting burned. Clean the aluminum pieces properly before welding them. Clean the aluminum by spraying the surface with electrical cleaner. Use a heat sink. Because of aluminum's tendency to conduct heat very well you need to use a heat sink to clamp the aluminum onto in order to prevent the metal from warping or the workspace from becoming too hot to work around. If you preheat aluminum beforehand it will make the welding job easier. Preheat the aluminum by sticking it in an oven with a thermometer or by using a propane torch to heat the surface. See to it that pieces are flush when you weld. Aluminum has a tendency to preserve spaces between the metal pieces as you weld. Make sure the aluminum slides together as tightly as possible as you weld the pieces.


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