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There are a number of various welding practices in everyday use. The three most common types are, MIG, ARC welding, and TIG welding. These three distinctive types of welding are most functional in different situations. Let's take a moment and briefly look at the three major methods.

MIG welding, or wire welding as it is usually called, utilizes a spool of wire and electricity to spot weld the substances together. MIG welding is very useful as a quick weld that is moderately strong. It is used in production type situations were constant welding and moderate strength is enough. This type of welding is quick because the wire spool moves thru the feeder automatically making it easy to do continuous welding. I have seen MIG welding used to rehabilitate rotted door frames. The doors need all the rotted metal ground down were only fresh metal remains, and then the MIG welder is used to fill the void building from the outer void and moving in as you fill. The filled joint is then ground and consistently welded and ground until the void is completely filled. This classification of "void filling" is very instrumental with a MIG type set-up.

The second type of welder is the ARC Welder. Arc Welding requires a great degree of skill to be done good. go to training and practice for years to become a trained ARC welder. ARC welding is very powerful and very useful in scenarios that require extreme power such as chassis or other heavy metal parts. For all of the pros of ARC welding it does have limitations. There are many metals such as aluminum and stainless that simply cannot be welded with the ARC welding system. For these types of situations there is a distinguished option.

The third and final method we will discuss is the TIG welding system. This is a high quality weld that is needed when wanting to weld materials such as aluminum, stainless, and chrome moly. These types of metals conteract and bond well under the TIG welding system. TIG stands for tungsten inert gas. TIG welding neccesitates a great deal of practie to get experienced at it. It would be wiser to at least become proficient at ARC. The rod is touched on the substance and usually by use of a foot pedal the welding process is started.

All of these different types of welding techniques work best when used for the classification of welding that they are best adapted to. You would never desire to try and fill a door panel with an ARC Welder, or attempt and weld aluminum with a MIG welder. No matter what type of welder you use continually remember that torch tips work superior and last longer when cleaned and maintained properly. I would suggest that when you choose to buy a welder remember that paying a little more for a high variety one is cheaper in the "long run". We have information and free instruction on the correct methods for MIG welding via videos. They go thru the basic ABC's of TIG welding and also get into how to work with your puddle when welding. I would like to welcome you to visit and take a look.


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