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People’s Welding Company is a premier provider of welding services including expert installation and customized wrought iron welding services. They also offer repairs or replacements for your old door, rails and fences, gates, windows and porches. Residents of Maryland also rely on them for repairs for steel ways, decks, hand railings, gates, window bars and fences. Working with realtors, homeowners, interior designers and contractors, their company is a useful resource for residential, commercial and industrial welding services.
Specializing in custom wrought iron welding services, People’s Welding Company creates unique and original designs that can remarkably improve the look of your residential property. Their clients include prominent architects and remodeling contractors in Maryland. Using contemporary welding techniques and practices, they are able to achieve clean lines and a finished product that is spot-on. 

High quality custom iron staircases, handrails, guardrails and walkways are just a few of the other features that their company installs in residential and commercial properties. Experts in all aspects of welding, their company can also work from your designs and business logos or drawings. People’s Welding Company has also created original designs for their clients and installed them with precision and with a regard for the safety requirements of welding practices. Artwork made form wrought iron, home furnishings and even wrought iron furniture are also a few projects that their company has been commissioned to do. 

With over thirty-six years of experience in the industry, they are an established company that has handled welding for construction and building services. The company asserts that their attention to detail enables them to meet the demands of their clients. 

They also assert that their effective communication skills allow them to build and establish positive and mutually beneficial relationships with the companies they work with. They are now affiliated with architects, interior designers, property managers, business owners and homeowners in Maryland. Known for their fast turnaround time and response time, People’s Welding Company is relied upon by their clients for speed and expertise. 

What sets them apart from other welding service providers in the area is their affordable welding services. Price quotations from Service Magic estimate wrought iron welding as expensive. Compared to other materials, it is more costly. Service Magic even asserts that “Wrought iron fencing is one of the most expensive type of fencing on the market.” The LA Times also attests to this fact saying that, “Consumers can expect to pay anywhere between fifteen dollars to twenty dollars per linear foot to have wrought iron fencing installed by professionals. Having wrought iron fencing installed on a wall greatly increases the cost per foot...Wrought iron fencing can cost between thirty to forty dollars per linear foot if it needs to be installed on top of a wall.”

People’s Welding Company accepts small and large projects for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Upon contacting them, a company representative will be onsite within forty-eight hours for an inspection quote. They also offer their consumers the convenience of contacting them for projects through their website.


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