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Safety Measures for Welding

Sunday, August 21, 2011
The biggest dangers and threats are accidents like burnt due to high temperature arc and also the hot metal. There is also another threat which an electric arc produces there are types of rays. There are violet and infra –red rays and both these rays are very harmful to eyes and can cause burns to eyes.

It’s the basic and a common knowledge that any welder who is engage in welding should were a helmet with appropriate shade lens and also use other protective device. Expert’s advice should always be taken using a right type of helmet and with all other accessories in it should be brought in use properly .for example having a filter plates fitted in your helmet with the correct type of lens shade would completely remove the risk of harmful rays affecting the welder.

As welding process is basically a current base process there are many ways of accidents through electricity, harmful flames and electric shock are few of the sources .it can turn to a disaster if a welder do his work of welding without wearing a gloves or using a naked cable and also dangerously a holder without insulation. A safer welder will always have protective clothes while welding.

There are few other small safety measures which should be taken in and around welding process like wearing a proper helmet, gloves, protective clothes the devices should be properly insulated and the welding place should not only be dry and clean but it should also be highly ventilated. These are few measures which a welder should keep in mind. Standing on a wet surface while welding is a biggest mistake a welder can do. And to protect our eyes and face a welder should always be with his safety glasses.

It is a common fact that all welders are well trained to use the right type of equipment and concern welding equipments. It is very important to take care of the machines to maintain them in good working order. Oxygen is an very important factor in welding process having a adequate amount of oxygen in the welding place is an important thing to move away the fumes which comes out of the welding process there should be a proper air movement in the welding area. There are many other resources like exhaust fan, using exhaust hood and also the very basic the roof and wall exhaust fan are very important.

Taking small safety steps while welding will help the welder to do his work properly. A welder should make sure that welding should not be done with used cut or weld drums, tanks, or barrels or any other containers till they are not cleaned properly of all likely inflammable substances. After that also a container should be vented and also filled with water before any types of welding and cutting begins. The water in the container should be filled to the level of just two inches below the welding process starts therefore the container should be arranged in that style. The container should be well arranged and suited for welding process.

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