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Are you wanted to be famous entrepreneur in manufacturing industries, and then concentrate on the process of welding and its tools? Welding the joining process plays a vital role in the industries, the metals and steels which are very huge in size are the results of welding process. Even the small metal plate which we use for dining is the process of welding. There are different types of welding process and many types of tools we are using for the process of welding.

Arc welding and its tools:

Arc welding is the common method of welding process. Arc welding process is easy and portable and it welds the metal at its welding point. Arc welding uses shielding gases which protects the weld from atmospheric gases. Arc welding is the cheap and effective method of welding. There are two methods of arc welding; they are consumable and non consumable methods.

Impact of consumables:

Consumables are the things needed for the welding process. Shielded metal arc welding uses the consumables electrode rod or stick for its process. Shielded metal arc welding is mainly used for welding the steel and it can be also used for other metals also. Metal inert gas welding operates at high speed and welds the complicated metal is an improvement process than stick welding process. It is an economical method used for welding steels. Flux core arc welding and submerged arc welding are the other welding process. Flux core welding uses the flux as a consumables and used in windy conditions and submerged arc welding are used in large industries.

Non consumables and its impact:

Tig welding is the welding process which uses non consumables electrodes such as tungsten rod for its welding process. Previous welding process uses carbon rod for its welding process. The tungsten electrodes has high melting point among the other non alloyed metals, it has higher density and hardness which enables tungsten electrodes to be used in numerous applications. Thoriated tungsten is the non consumable tungsten electrodes which are generally used for welding process. Tig welding is the friend of aerospace industries. It is mostly used for aircraft manufacturing.

Welding products the advancement in science:

Due to advancement in technology welding products with portable and comfortable size are available. Welding products enables the metals to weld soon. Welding products has the features of extra wires and many welding accessories such as welding guns, spool guns can be attached. These welding products are available for all welding process such as tig mig submerged arc welding with input power one phase and three phases are available.

Accessories and parts of welding:

Welding process cannot be successful if there is no proper accessories and parts. Accessories such as guns and torches, spool guns, welding helmets and gloves, welding carts and parts are important accessories in welding. Welding torches and cutting torches are used to weld and heat metals. Spool guns prevent the contamination and damage of the weld wire. Welding helmets and gloves are necessary for the welder. Industries should provide proper welding helmets and gloves and make sure that the welder is working safely.

Plasma cutting the process of science:

Plasma cutter is the equipment which is used to cut the heavy metals with good accuracy. In science plasma is a gas which reacts strongly with electromagnetic fields. Plasma cutting is a time saving and productive method.

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