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A Intro on Cup Walking Technique in Welding

Wednesday, August 24, 2011
The metals that have to be fused together are passed current by some type of tungsten which carries current for it which lies in electrode. And to take the process in next level, together there is gas and electricity for blending it together.

A typical traditional method of TIG welding demands two things, consist arc length and also a dab filler metal in the weld puddle. A person can easily get frustrated with it as it is very tedious. On that an impediment could be off changing angles for the dynamics of welding on pipe and it’s a pressure on the welders to create quality welds under these conditions very hardly.

A cup walking technique usage could be of tremendous help for the welders. In this type of welding process the nozzle of the TIG TORCH lies on the pipe with the filler metal which is again placed in the groove. There is no doubt more arc stability and a greater amount of comfort which leads the welder to operate and change the position more easily. The ultimate fact is that the welder is free to use the cup walk welding method on any type of welding pipe, or any other metal which bares aluminum as aluminum has the lowest melting temperature.

For a cup walking welding process the specific power source settings largely depends on the thickness of the material on which welding has to be done. Heat input and inter past temperature are another factor of the given welding procedure. The welders need to have higher amperage for materials which are really thick. A TIG joints which presents on pipe, on the range of 90 to 110 amps settings the power source of this welding process is a complete success on all types of material.

Walking cup technique is a very efficient welding process it allows the welder to travel long distance uninterruptedly and also uniformly progress the weld therefore all pipe fitters should welcome this technique as it is not only a welders s technique it is also an resource saving technique. There are few who avoid the cup walking technique as there are not aware of the unique application of it. They are ignorant of this process application. No doubt there will be many occasion were they ii be situation you will not be able to use walk the cup technique.

At times due to the cup changing process this method gets little slow. This may would be a worry talk and in turn influence the welder to avoid this process. But all this doesn’t matter as the walk in cup method has so many advantages that this potential problem is not overweigh at all. For a welder with adequate amount of practice and training of the walk cup technique can become a valuable skill and this skill can be applied on a wider range of welding industries. Cup waking technique is a much specified technique and it needs the operator to have an intensive practice and skills too.

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