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Standard Welding procedures

Friday, August 13, 2010
Welding process has been master by welder,for the standard welding procedures have been used widely in series of industry production.when welder masters the process and principle,they can have a skill in operating the welding machine.

The standards have two standard systems -AWS and ASME. AWS is dependent on the application and criticality of the joint to be welded,and was formed in 1991.the AWME was formed in 2000.they have the a similar aim to train skill of welder.

For most applications the information required is generally similar to that recorded on a welding procedure approval record,so the welding procedures look like being necessary very much right away.In both the European and ASME standards, there are a number of essential variables for welding procedures.

The most common method of gaining approval is to carry out an approval test as described in standard welding procedures?for the standard welding procedures is carried out to demonstrate that welder has the necessary skill when they operate the welding machine. the standard welding procedures define the content of a welding procedure specification in the form of a list of imformation that be record.


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