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A Best Method of Welding: Cast Iron

Tuesday, July 12, 2011
In a foundry, welding cast iron has many uses like repairing casting defects. Salvage worn or broken casting are there. They are also used in welded assembly in there fabrications. Welding cast iron is a very tricky procedure and should be handling with care. Let us see how it is useful to welders.

Using of welding cast iron is a big process to understand. First step of welding cast iron is cleaning of the cast iron to be welded. And it takes place with the help of a degreaser. If there any accessories part then it has to be removed. When welding a small crack then the beginning and the ending point of the crack has to be determined while welding it. A stop hole should also be done of one eight inch by drilling at each end of the crack, sand paper can be used for grinding and a magnifying glass is also needed to see the hole done. The length of the crack has to be grounded by a V shape, taking care of not going through all the way through the cast iron.

The whole cast iron material is pre heated and to be welded through 500 degree c is very important. This process protects from any damage that may be cause due to heat which comes out through welding process by the welder. Right equipments should be used like the defined welding road must be used and welding should be done on both the ends with short tacks and on low heat. The direction has also to be taken care only one direction is followed when welding is done each time. The weld changes according to the size of the crack, as in if the crack is too long then, short welds to be made. The time gap between the weld should be short cool down should be allowed so that the heat is kept to its lowest.

The ambient temperature has to be cooled down and it is a very important procedure in welding. it should be then place on a hot oven. The temperature should be maintained constantly from fifty to sixty degree per hour so that the air temperature is reached. A dry sand or a fire proof blanket can be used to wrap the material if the hot oven is not available. Getting the right size of the rod for welding cast iron is very peculiar. And to know this rightly the manufacturer has to be consulted.

Same method has to be followed when ever there are two pieces to be cast iron or a crack to be welded. The material gets cool really soon in open air, so to avoid that it is very important for a welder to make sure that the materials are pre- heated and cool down slowly.

Where does welding cast iron is used should be known welding cast iron is used in various places like housing, brake drums, counter weights, pipe fittings, making enclosures, machine forms and bases, clutch plates. concluding that the welders should always use the right and apt welding equipments so that welding is done with proper format and also follow all the rules and regulation of welding cast iron to get the right weld which will not crack and stay last long.

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