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Welding Diseases and Hazards

Sunday, August 28, 2011
In installation and infrastructure its application gets wider. Either its turnkey projects or cutting edge erection welding is unavoidable and a must requirement. Without the basic function of welding even nation building becomes next to impossible.

There are few basic operations of building. They are civil, electric. They are marine, automobile, mechanical, and aeronautical. You name it and they have it. Welding has both positive and negative features too as all other fields have. In this welding field the positive feature is the beneficiary angle and the negative factor is the angle of performer.

Welders are open to professional hazards. Welding for long time and virtue of there exposure the welders have many process. A variety of ailments they are affiliated with. There around 4 lacks people employed for welding. After a scientific research a studies have reveled the fact that these workers are at a serious risk of respiratory, reproductive, neurological and digestive problems in a published report it is found that there are huge respiratory dieses like bronchitis airways irritation and many more in welders in large number.

Damage the nervous system and lung cancer are dieses causes by welding fumes. These fumes create and contain nickel, chromium, manganese. Hexavalent and nickel chromium are defined as occupational potential carcinogens. Al the more a continuous and cronic exposure to manganese may cause the welder ailments of parkison diseases.

There are two complimentary research classified. They are a epidemiological studies of continuation and it offers a thorough understanding about the problem and root cause of many diseases like lung cancer, immune suppression, skin damage, reproductive disorder the important bio chemical examine by the toxicology investigation to the welding fumes , at the molecular level in lab experiments. N a recent studies it is reveled a fact sheet presented by a welding hazard facts which provides information about disease caused by welding, soldering, brazing, metal cutting.

As per a report a welding smoke could be a mixture of very fine particles and gases. Chromium, nickel, manganese, arsenic, asbestos, can be life threatening and extremely toxic mostly the fumes created are derived from the base material or the filler substance, coating and paints on metal itself which in turn covers the electrodes, shielding gases, chemical reaction from arc and also ultra violet light and heat consumable, contaminants and processes.

There are many other welding dieses. Smoking makes a difference a welder who smokes may have a higher chance of having there health damage then those who avoid or away from smoking. There are long and short term reaction includes chills, normal fever, thirst, metal fume fever, muscle ace, chest coreness, fatigue, wheezing etc

Smoke coming out of welding smoke irritates, eyes, nose, chest and repertory track. Cadmium which comes out of welding fumes can be fatal. Welders risk there life and get into welding.


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