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PORT SAINT LUCIE, FL -- Tommy and Sabrina Creel, Father and Daughter at Custom Welding Diversified, Inc., recently launched a new product known as the Boat Storage Stand.

This revolutionary product will aide and revitalize marinas and boat storage facilities. It will help reduce the costs that are involved when storing boats.

The Boat Storage Stands are SELF leveling, light weight, and made from a high quality aluminum alloy. The aluminum material gives the stand a long life span, and the ability to survive the brutality of salt water. The patented stand uses two movable arms to self level the boat as it is lowered onto the stand. When the boat is removed the arms automatically rise into position immediately ready for the next boat.

The company is impressed with the demand for the stands and will continue production.
Please visit the company's website at http://www.Customweldingdiv.com for more information.

About Custom Welding Diversified, Inc.

Custom Welding was founded in 1992 by Sherri and Tommy Creel. It is a family owned and operated business located in Port Saint Lucie, FL. They specialize in welding, structural steel fabrication and erection, gas cylinders, and trailer and welding supplies. They perform both shop and portable (on site) assistance. Custom Welding's vision and mission is to provide speed, efficiency, accuracy and quality. The owners strive to aide their customers and greatly appreciate the business. The welding and fabrication background was key in the success of the idea and production of the Boat Storage Stand.

Contact: Sabrina Creel, Business Administrator
Custom Welding Diversified, Inc- 772.879.6928


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