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Benefits of Automated Metal Fabrication

Friday, August 20, 2010
Automated metal fabrication has developed significantly in the last decade. Computerized machine centers and ever improving software programs have taken automated metal fabrication into the twenty first century.

Switching to automated metal fabricating has several benefits that appeal to plant owners and customers alike.

Fully and partially automated factories benefit from increased safety since robotics are used to perform physically challenging tasks and are often used where contact with dangerous chemicals or solvents is likely.

Increased productivity is another side effect of utilizing automated manufacturing processes.

Fewer employees are required in an automated plant. This means a great reduction in the cost of training employees and providing benefits such as health insurance, retirement funds and bonus incentives. Robotics do not require worker's compensation insurance and never call in sick.

Automated factories have a reduced requirement for set up time. Since the manufacturing process is nearly continuous, the only downtime is for routine maintenance and repairs of machinery.

Products produced using automated systems have fewer defects and are more uniformly produced than those created with manual labor processes.

Product delivery time is often increased in automated production facilities.

Overall, automated production has fewer problems, is more cost effective and takes less time than traditional manufacturing processes.

Automated processes are better suited to institute just-in-time manufacturing that reduces the amount of wasted materials while maintaining optimal output.

Since the output of an automated factory can be more accurately predicted, stocking supplies is easier and more cost effective.

Management staff spends less time supervising employees and more time performing managing duties.

Automated processes can be quickly adjusted for changes in product specifics and scheduling changes.

The many advantages of instituting an automated metal fabrication system are attracting more and more facilities to either convert to a totally automated system or choose to institute automation in certain high risk or high yield areas of their facilities.

Automated production can be difficult to institute initially since it requires a higher start up cost to purchase the required machinery, computers and software that allow a system to run smoothly. Automated systems can also mean reduced storage requirements and improved customer relations that can help offset the cost of instituting a new system.

Automated metal fabrication is a growing practice and the benefits of such a system are shared among metalworking plants, manufacturers, industry leaders and consumers themselves.

About the Author: Melissa Rivers writes for Courtesy Manufacturing Company. CMC is a metal component manufacturing facility that specializes in precision metal stamping, fabrication, and sheet metal fabrication.


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