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Welder Generator and Welder

Friday, May 25, 2012
To understand about welder generator and welder in welding, let us refresh ourselves about the process of electric welding. The pieces to be joined are heated to melt and joined with the addition of a filler material that creates a weld pool to make a strong joint after cooling. An electric arc is formed between the electrode and the pieces to be welded by passing a continuous current.

Arc Welding Equipment:

There is a wide variety of equipment used for electric welding. Different manufacturers use many technologies in their equipment and make equipment with a power generatorand welder. However, all these equipment perform the same basic function of producing a high temperature with a low-voltage and high current to create the welding arc.

There are two basic types of electric welding machines with a significant major variation that can easily explain between a welder generator and welder.

There is some confusion also caused by the different terminology used by many people at different times for welder generator and welder.

Let us clarify the difference between a generator and welder.
A simple arc welding equipment comprises of a welding machine, electrode holder, cable and an electrode. In addition, you use some accessories. There are two types of equipments commonly used for doing any type of arc welding including simple arc, TIG or MIG welding.

Welder Generator:

A welding equipment which can generate power of its own and do welding is a welder generator. The welding generator has a built-in source of power. The welder generators can be an engine powered generator working on gasoline or a diesel engine. Besides generating power, it is also equipped with an inverter, transformer or some other device for making it capable of doing welding.
The diesel and a petrol or gasoline engines are most suitable for use in the areas where there is no electricity or, electric supply is not available continuously. These welder generators are mostly portable and used in construction, naval or marine applications. These machines can generate direct current or alternative current. A simple welder does not have a power source in it.

The terminology about a generator for welders will be more clear with the following:

Let us discuss about the Hobart Champion 4500 AC Welder Generator. It generates power wherever and whenever you need it for welding. It has an auxiliary source of 4.5KW of AC power. The welder is coupled to the power generator and is supplied with a 10 ft (3m) welding lead, and electrode holder, and a work cable and clamp for welding.

The welders generator datasheet delivers up to 140 A current for welding making it most suitable for repair, maintenance and project work. It consists of a 4,500 watt power generator with a 140 amp AC welder that can be used up to weld with up to 1/8 in diameter electrodes. It comes with two 20-amp 120 VAC and two 240 VAV receptacles. A 10 HP single cylinder air-cooled engine runs at 3600 RPM to move the generator.


Now you should be able to understand about the welder generator and welder. W will discuss about another equipment so that there is not confusion. A welder is basically a welding equipment that needs a main power supply or a power source to work. One such equipment for illustration is the 6-Pack XMT 304 CC/CV 460/575 MIL907294 Welder:

It is provided with racks XMT 304 CC/CV multiple inverter to use for a multiple number of welders at a time. It is the most useful system for project sites such as construction and shipbuilding. It can be used for constant current and constant welding processes, including Stick, MIG, TIG, FCAW and Carbon Arc and Pulsed TIG and and MIG welding with extra accessories.. A single connection will allow to connect six inverters to do welding simultaneously. It requires a 3 phase input power supply. As it needs a source of power to work, it is a welder. That also explains the difference between a welder generator and welder.


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