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Basics Of A TIG Welding Method

Saturday, December 17, 2011
If you want to learn welding or improve your present welding skills you certainly need detailed information on the welding process. Thus, some people would like to make a career, while others want to bring their career to a higher level. Generally, is the process that involves melting of base metal parts and joining them with the usage of a filler material. The latter should have the same characteristics of the parent metal. requires the usage of various sources including laser, gas flame, electric beam, etc. There're several types of welders including MIG, Arc, TIG welders and also Gas welders. TIG belongs to the most difficult types in terms of learning and mastering.

TIG is also the most flexible type as it can be applied for blending all conventional metals including stainless steel, Carbon, nickel alloys, cobalt, magnesium, low alloy steels, aluminum, titanium, and copper alloys. TIG welders using this type of welding are known as the Tungsten Inert Gas Welders use an arc which made from non-consumable tungsten. The heat necessary for the welding process is received with the usage of electric current. This type of welding offers numerous advantages. Thus, its high amperage offers welding of metals with high thickness. Some other advantages deal with purifying of metal and its cleaning.

Frankly speaking, mastering TIG welding is a rather time and effort-consuming task. In comparison with the other welding methods which allow the welder to manage with only one hand, TIG requires thorough attention and concentration. The process of welding involves requires much focus as the welders should use both hands to manage the welding area and to add the filler material to the surface. Besides, it's highly equipment centric. In order to protect the welding area from airborne contaminants, the welder should use inert gases, for instance, argon due to which the welding will be clean and exact.

It should be remembered that TIG welding requires the necessary amount of precautions which should be taken while applying any of welding methods. The welding process performed carelessly can be extremely dangerous as it brings in high intensity of light and if, for instance, your eyes aren't protected it can lead to the burning of retina and you risk to get arc-eye. Theirs is a special face guard to protect your eyes from direct exposure to intensive light. The body should be also properly hidden during the welding process as the light carries UV radiation extremely harmful to the skin.

TIG welding is frequently used in the space craft and automobile industries as the finished materials and alloys produced with the usage of the welding methods are corrosion and cracking resistant during a long period of time. TIG welding will become easier for you soon with practice. However, a beginner is recommended to practice with scrap metal stock before taking some big projects. As TIG welding is rather sophisticated it's usually more expensive than other types of welding. Due to this reason the beginners long to purchase the welding kit. The result of TIG welding is worth this high price though as it offers a number of advantages in comparison with other welding types.


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