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A very common welding test check in favor of boilermakers is a 2 inch schedule 120 tube welded in a 6G position using Tig designed for the root and second move, and stick welding used for the filler passes and canopy passes.

Sound Simple? When you suppose it is simple, you're wrong.

A 2" pipe performed in a 6G position means that the pipe is placed via the axis of the pipe operating 45 degrees from parallel. Once the check begins, it cannot be rolled, raised, or lowered.

Which means you've to be able to place yourself in a way that means that you can transfer as you weld to maneuver from the underside, up the facet, and toward the greatest. That typically manner starting out in the kneeling position, transferring toward a midway standing bent over place, and then standing. All while trying to keep up a constant arc size while shifting at a gradual even speed. That is the kind of welding that separates the lads from the boys.

Whoever chosen the 6g place intended for welding test checks was either completely incompetent or an evil genius.

6G welding exam assessments designed for boilermakers are used as a result of they test the welders talent and since a 6g weld take a look at qualifies for all different positions.

Its impractical to test a welder within the area doing the exact job that will be accomplished as soon as the welder is certified.

The 6G take a look at is often considered one of the simplest ways toward cull the not so great welders and hire one of the best ones.

(although a 2G along with a 5G is perhaps better)

Another excuse 2 inch pipe is for a weld test is that boiler tubes are often the same diameter because the take a look at and they're also usually welded whereas put in and next to different boiler tubes. Welding a 2 inch tube is tough sufficient with nothing in your technique. Put one other boiler tube simply inches away on all sides and the weld is way harder to do.

Testing using a 6G take a look at gives some indication that a welder can weld from each side of a joint.

I took a 6g test once after which welded a whole bunch of 2g and 5g tube joints in a fab shop. Never did a 6G for the entire 12 months I worked there. So in my case, a 2g and a 5g take a look at would have been extra representative of the serve done.


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