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If you are looking for a new welder, the Hobart Handler 140 is a great choice. This USA made Hobart wire feed welder is a favorite with beginners, occasional users and hobbyists alike. Even pro welders value the handler, especially for auto-body work, where it excels.

Great For Beginners, Hobbyists or Professionals

The Hobart 140 is perfect for beginners who want a capable, yet forgiving welder. If you've never welded before you'll find it easy to set up and you'll be making good welds with a little practice. For the more experienced the Hobart is the most powerful 115v welder in it's class.

First time users are surprised how much they can do with the Hobart 140 Mig welder. The Hobart 500500 can handle just about any welding jobs around the home or garage.You can make welds right out of the box with the supplied flux core wire. For cleaner welds move on to gas shielded operation. Happily the Handler 140 ships with it's own dedicated regulator and solenoid so it's a fully fledged gas ready MIG welder.

Professional users love the Hobart 140 for it's portability and sheer usability. Basically it does what a good welder should - it gives smooth easy to set welds. A wide power output range (25-140 Amps) and ability to use a variety of solid mild steel, stainless and aluminum wires means excellent flexibility. It's great for thinner material too where it makes tidy welds. More powerful or less capable welders tend to burn through thin metal.

What Can The Hobart 140 Weld?

The 140 is useful for all sorts of automotive, home and garden jobs. You can do things like auto-body repairs, exhaust repairs, make custom brackets e.g. for fog lights. It's great for repairs to tools, mowers and hardware, general around the house jobs, fence repairs etc. It's also good for small to medium metalwork projects and even for sculptors who work in metal.

Where to Get the Best Value?

You could search the internet yourself, visiting the trusted big brand name stores one by one to find the best price. Alternatively a search engine may yield some results. Ofcourse this takes valuable time and shipping policies and charges vary.

Click here to be taken to a site for immediate access to the Hobart Handler 140 sale price. In fact it's the cheapest price you can get online from a trusted retailer and includes free fast shipping. You can also visit the Hobart 140 blog for a review and a chance to see it in action.


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