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It can be an invaluable skill with which you can tend to a number of jobs around your home and save money by not having to hire workmen. And if you’re really enthusiastic about it, you could even make some extra money by offering to help others with their welding needs.

Tool-NET is giving customers the chance to buy top-of-the-range welding equipment at very affordable prices. No longer is this an over-priced dream – with Tool-NET, you can buy cheap professional tools and equipment.

Some of the gear on offer includes:

Clarke Eas-Arc Welder 240V – £48.75 down from £89.95 (RRP)
Clarke ARC/TIG Inverter Welder – £164.97 down from £275. 95 (RRP)
Clarke 240V Turbo Mig Welder – £237.48 down from £463.95 (RRP)
Clarke Gas Welding & Cutting Kit – £193.46 down from £236.95 (RRP)
Clarke Plasma King Plasma Cutter – £482.79 down from £731.95 (RRP)
Clarke Automatic Welding Head Shield – £50.95 down from £57.95 (RRP)
Clarke Portable 2x2m Welding Screen – £80.96 down from £107.95 (RRP)
Clarke ARC Welding Electrodes – from only £4.89 a pack
Tool-NET Various Clamps for Welders – from only £2.77
Tool-NET makes its products ridiculously cheap, continually renegotiating with dealers and manufacturers, as well as keeping a close eye on competitors. As many prices are going up at this time of the year, Tool-NET is doing its utmost to keep its prices as low as possible.

If you’re an internet shopping sceptic, you needn’t worry with Tool-NET: you are guaranteed total satisfaction or your money back; 98% of products are dispatched on the day of order; and all payments are handled by a secure bank, meaning your details are never revealed. If you don’t believe this, just take a look at some of the customer testimonials on the website.

About Tool-NET

Whether you are looking for a welder (http://www.tool-net.co.uk/g-10054/power-tools/welders.html) or one of the many other products on offer at Tool-NET (http://www.tool-net.co.uk/), all you need to do is access the easy-to-use website and search through the catalogue.


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