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Wire Mesh Welding Machine GSA-125C, which is known as its high speed, is equipped with 2 sets of Wire Straightening Device. And it has 2 sets of wire feeding device, one is driven by the converter motor for sending the wires into the wire accumulator, and the other one is driven by the servo motor for sending the wires into the welding machine. Both of them can help welding pitch precisely. The biggest feature of this wire mesh welding machine is that there is an automatic cross wire loading system in the machine; Operator just sends the pre-cut wires into the carriage by crane, the loading carriage that with single wire hopper will automatically do sorting, positioning and ejecting wires at due time.

For more information about the wire mesh welding machine, please contact their sales agents in your local country or directly contact them by phone call +886-4-2406-5040 or by email gold.spot@msa.hinet.net or Website: www.goldspot.com.tw

The most worth mentioned is its Controlling System. The most important part of the welding machine is the microprocessor timer that for controlling circuit and time. It is the only one self-developed Touch-Screen type microprocessor timer in Taiwan at present time. The controller is programmable and available for different welding requirements; moreover, it can effectively decrease the power consumption rate. GSA-125C adopted colored touch-screen LCD monitor, with the help of PLC, all the parameters of the system are being set up on the screen. Any abnormal signals also can be displayed on the screen; the working process and fault messages also can be can be graphically represented. This Fault Examination contains wires supply, non-wires, fault of line wires discharging, fault of cross wires ejecting, line wire forwarding, short of welding power, overloaded of servo motor, fault positioning, fault of air compressor, over-high temperature.

GOLDEN SPOT is striving to build the state-of-art welding machines to meet the special requirements from customers around the world. The features of GSA-125C are:
1. Full automatic equipment-- High production.
2. High interchangeability -- Easy to set up different size net.
3. Various optional peripherals to choose from.
4. Color touch-screen LCD-- User-friendly operation, diagrammatic description, and easy maintenance.
5. Fine quality-- Whole machine is made in Taiwan. Also adopts some Key components that from Europe, Japan and Taiwan.
6. Custom design-- Allows customers to easily create their own unique product
GSA-125C Specification:
Line Wire Length: Unlimited
Cross Wire Length: 1000~2400 mm
Wire Diameter: 3~6 mm
Line Wire Pitch: ≧100 mm
Cross Wire Pitch: ≧50 mm

* Custom made machine is available


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