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WikiWealth.com applies innovative value investing techniques to a brand new fundamental commodity analysis of steel (http://www.wikiwealth.com/commodity:steel). What is the potential of a steel investment and how do you profit from steel price volatility? WikiWealth.com answers these questions with a comprehensive research report.

Here is a small sample of WikiWealth.com’s comprehensive new real-time reports:

Steel is a mass produced material consisting mostly of iron. Steel is used in buildings, infrastructure, automobiles and other diverse applications.

Commodity Analysis: Steel is rated a Hold. Steel demanders are fairly valued, so they may not increase in price, while steel suppliers have a higher potential to increase in value.

Investor Survey: Steel’s long term growth potential is moderately favorable due to high scores on lack of good substitutes and SWOT strengths.

SWOT Analysis:

Strength: Steel is recyclable, which greatly enhances its environmental appeal and durability as a material.

Opportunity to grow: steel’s widespread use could aid growth as the world economy grows; Threats to growth: plastic is becoming a greater threat to steel as plastics become cheaper and more durable.

Profit Conclusion: The commodity analysis hold rating indicates that steel should stay the same price over the short term, whereas a moderately favorable investor survey means steel may increase in price over the long term.

See the full interactive report at WikiWealth.com: http://www.wikiwealth.com/commodity:steel.


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