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If you aren’t familiar with the welding profession and their equipment, there are six basic welding tools that every welder needs. These welding tools are not only those that will help him perform his job duties, but will also help to keep them safe. It is most imperative to not only weld the material in the proper way with the right tools, but also to do it in the safest way possible.

Most welders are familiar with the welding tools that it actually takes to perform their job. They know that it is a necessity to have within their reach:

· A power supply unit
· A torch holder
· The electrode
· The source material
· The safety goggles or helmet
· And the safety shoes

The power supply unit will bring the electrical current to the equipment, this is needed because the entire project depends on the current. This current can be either (AC) alternate current or (DC) direct current on one that is without any pausing in its flow. The supply unit can be stationary or it can be portable, depending on the environment it will be used in and the job it will be expected to execute.

The torch holder is one that has a job of its own, in that it will actually simultaneously bring the current to the job while holding the electrode. The torch holder will actually even carry the gases that are needed in some welding procedures to the welding source material or material being worked on.

The electrodes are non-consumable or consumable substance that will help to weld the manufactured good. The electrode will help to create the light or arc that you see in most welding processes. The electrodes, if they are made of consumable materials will disintegrate while from the heat in order to protect the welding source from contaminates, such as air.

The source material can range from stainless steel to all sources of metals. These materials, once welded will become the manufactured goods sought out by the business owner. The welds will bring about perfectly manufactured products like a metal bucket or even car parts.

Whether the welder needs a pair of safety goggles or helmet will depend on what type of welding process is being done by the welder. If it is one of the more heavy duty jobs that require a welding arc or light, it is most likely the welder will need to wear a helmet. If the job is one that is lighter, in the damage it can cause to the worker, they most likely will use a pair of safety goggles.

Lastly, it is the safety shoes that are the last in welding tools needed by the welder. This safety equipment is necessary to prevent the welder’s feet from damage by the molten material or even heavy objects. They must be steel toed shoes, but more often boots. There are various versions that will need to be adjusted according to what type of work environment the welder will work in or what type of welding process they will be performing.

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