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Learn to Mig Weld Fast and Easy

Saturday, September 19, 2009
Tutorials, videos and instructions are the best way to help you learn to mig weld. Some people think learning how to mig weld is hard, but the truth is it's easy. Anyone can mig weld with practice.

Perhaps you have a welding project at home you want to do yourself. It could be you have farm equipment that needs fixing. Maybe you're looking to become a welder, fabricator, or even a boilermaker.

When you need to join pieces of metal together, mig welding is a very common process that welders do.

There are high tech industrial robots welding 24hrs a day all the way down to your neighbor using a gasless mig welder in their garage. Mig welding isn't going anywhere.

To prevent blindness, deafness, and getting burnt, it is imperative you wear the proper welding clothing as well as ear and eye protection.

An arry of trouble can occur if the steel you're going to weld is dirty. What happens is lack of penetration and incomplete fusion. The spatter will increase and you will work harder to make the perfect weld.

More than ofter, a bad earth connection is the cause of a lot of problems. Your ground glamp, or earth clamp, should be attached to the metal securely. Another thing to check is if the cable that goes to the earth lead is in good shape, plus is the bolt and lug is tight.

You'll first need to put small tack welds down before you can get down to business. This is done to hold the parts so you can get them square. Tacking is used to help control distortion effects.

For more detailed information you can visit this site http://www.learn-how-to-weld.com/how-to-mig-weld.html for instructions on how you can learn to mig weld.


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