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When you are looking for sheet metal manufacturers, you might want to categorize your search as per the requirement in the final product. The final product can be large items such as ship bodies, wings on aeroplanes, roofs of big and small houses or car bodies; or it can even be small final products such as ornaments, electronic gadgets, home appliances or even stationery goods. From a small pin to huge bodies of vehicles, there are different sheet metal manufacturers for different needs.

Due to the vastness of usage of metal sheets, the first step before searching for sheet metal work manufacturing units is to identify your precise requirement - do you want a metal roof for houses or do you want it for the cutlery used inside those houses. Having identified the need, next step is to understand the basics of the metal sheet, the manufacturer for which you are looking for.
The first thing you have to identify is the grade of the metal sheet you want from sheet metal work manufacturing units. Grade refers to the quality of the material - the corrosion resistance of the material, the metal's chemical purity, how weather resistant it is and the hardness of the material. Usually the grade is identified by a number or a letter along with the word 'Grade'. For example, the common grades of stainless steel are Grade 304, Grade 316 and Grade 410. Grade 304 is the most common stainless steel and is also known as A2. Due to its high weather resistance capabilities, it is used for building roofs, vehicle bodies etc. Grade 316 is the second most common grade and is also known as A4. Grade 316 has lesser weather resistance capabilities than Grade 304. Grade 316 is used for food and surgical stainless steel equipments.

Another parameter, that you will need to identify, is the gauge of the metal sheet. Gauge refers to the thickness of the material. The gauge of a metal sheet is denoted by a number. As the thickness of the material increases, the number that denotes the metal decreases. For instance, Gauge 3 steel has a thickness of 6.07mm and Gauge 4 steel has a thickness of 5.69mm.

You need to measure and remember the various descriptions of the kind of metal you are looking for before getting in touch with any sheet metal manufacturers. This will help you to look for the right sheet metal manufacturing unit as well.


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