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Overview of Welding Cables

Sunday, March 18, 2012
Welding cable is a type of a portable cord that is utilized for different types of welding applications as well as in many power supply applications. Cables contains annealed copper and the covering or the jacket is made from thermo set. Black and red are the most popular colors accepted and manufactured for standard cable.

Welding cables are also utilized in applications that are outside welding but then again it completely depends on the set of requirements. It is primarily designed so that it can be used for different types of connections that can be of electrode holder, welding box, bus or transformer and arc welder. It is always a good idea to go through the ampacities chart before one starts to use cable for a particular application.

There are manufacturers offering different types of wires and cables and that can be used for a diverse array of applications. Most of the cables include two primary kinds of stranding and this is an extremely important aspect. The significance of stand counts on a cable cannot be undermined because it is the strand that offers the flexibility in a cable. There are many companies that offer super flex or ultra flex cables. Between the two primary types of stranding, one is Class K and the other is Class M. Class K is 30 awg strands and this is a normal welding cable that is made available in jacket of red and black colors. The other one is Class M stranding, which is more flexible and durable and consists of 34 awg. This particular welding cable is available in a bright florescent jacket and it is going to cost 20 to 40% more than other type of cables. This particular cable tends to cost more because of the amount of copper it contains along with the jacket, which is much more durable.

There are welding cables available that are perfect for applications where the requirement is of transferring of high currents from the welding machine to the welding tool. This type is apt for usage where there are rough conditions as well as on conveyors and assembly systems. It is also used extensively in car manufacturing, machine tool, ship building and even in spot welding machines. These are just some of the uses that show how flexible welding cables are and the extent to which they can be used in a diverse array of applications.

Besides the standard welding cable, another type is also available which is double insulated welding cable. This double insulated cable is extremely flexible, robust and comes with a voltage rating of 100V and the jacket color is orange. Overall, this is a much more durable and sturdy welding cable and is used extensively for a large number of applications.


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