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Weld.com launched last November prior to the 2011 FABTECH show in Chicago. Since then, they have significantly grown their membership of Manufacturers, Distributors, Professionals, and Representatives in their "Welding Directories". The fact is, with the increase in demand for skilled welders; people are now getting back into the welding trade. With an influx of new, young, unfamiliar workers, websites like Weld.com become prime real estate for companies to post jobs, recruit talent, and expand market share through these new professionals. Upon first arrival, Weld.com makes it abundantly clear what they are all about:

"Welcome to Weld.com, the industries newest and fastest growing resource. Weld.com Connects People, Products and Services Globally; One Click at a Time. Whether you're a 30 year welding veteran or a Weekend Warrior, Weld.com will have what you need to stay informed and ahead of the competition."
At this point you are probably saying to yourself, "Okay, I get it... But what are the 7 Reasons I Have to Be On Weld.com... Right Now!?"

Well the truth is... Weld.com only has the first part of its infrastructure completed. It is an ever evolving process that continues to grow with the industry! Unlike any other site that tries to offer a "one stop experience" for the welding industry, Weld.com continuously builds new features, functions, and usability into its infrastructure. If you are a Manufacturer, Distributor, Welding Professional or a Manufacturer’s Representative here are 7 Reasons why you NEED to get on Weld.com, RIGHT NOW!

1. Interactive Map with all of your locations – Within each company profile on Weld.com, you will have the ability to list all of your branch offices, distribution centers, or any other kinds of locations you would want to list. This is easy access for new and current customers to find you (which is the whole idea).

2. Unlimited Contacts – Each company profile on Weld.com currently has a contact listed. In Phase Two, they will allow you to have unlimited contacts. This doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is!

Most directory sites give you one of two options. The first option is using generic sales or marketing email, such as sales@yourcompany.com or info@yourcompany.com. The problem with this method is that many times these emails are pounded with spam, junk, newsletters, and other garbage that nobody wants coming to their inbox (making relevant email easy to lose). The other option is using your own email. This is a better option, but still not the best because you will inevitably get emails that are directed at your company, but not your department. Weld.com allows you to have unlimited departments and contacts, that way emails get where they’re supposed to.

3. Company Blog – Weld.com gives you the ability to write and release your own press releases in your very own company blog. Other directories let you create your profile description and maybe some products, but after that… Nothing! Weld.com allows you to continually update your profile to keep it fresh and engaging to customers.

4. Custom Photo Stream – In addition to being able to update your profile on a daily basis with your blog, you can also add new photos to your custom photo stream. This is a great feature that allows you to show your customers the human element of your business. Do you travel to trade shows? Snap some shots of your booth next time you go and load it to your Weld.com profile. This shows customers the human element to your company and increases brand loyalty!

5. Apples to Apples Link – The Apples to Apples section of Weld.com is a comparison engine that allows end users to compare products side by side with no sales fluff. As a registered company in the Weld.com directories, you have direct links to any Apples to Apples comparisons that showcase any of your products. Let everyone see how your products shine above the rest!

6. Product Catalog – Your profile on Weld.com truly is an extension of your company. This is why they allow users to add product catalogs directly into the profile. Add a custom catalog with custom images, PDFs, literature, and more…

7. Video Uploads – Does your company have a YouTube Account? If so, you can drive your views not only through YouTube, but now also through Weld.com. Profiles will allow companies to add up to 5 videos within one profile. These can be product advertisements, demos, how-to videos, or anything else you prefer.

Todd Clouser is the Marketing & Social Media Specialist at Weld.com. If you would like more information on how to get involved please find contact information below or visit http://www.weld.com.


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