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Welding is the most cost-effective and proficient way to merge metals enduringly which is the sole approach of joining 2 or more items of metal to form them act as one piece and it is significant to our economy. It's typically said that over five hundredth of the gross national product of the U.S.A. is expounded to welding in a method or another. Welding ranks high among industrial methods and involves more sciences and variables than those concerned in the other industrial process.

There are several types of welding among all arc welding is considered the most common type. Most of the products which we use in our day today life have this element called welding though very few realize it.

Mig welding:

MIG is a much uncomplicated method of welding, however it desires lots of fine follow to hold out such quite welding, with all the necessary tools and correct ability, one will execute the most effective quality welds comfy with the support of MIG weldingmachines.

They are generally used to bond aluminum and different metals, usually softer metals. MIG welding is employed where high flow of power isn't needed and also the sheets to weld are of around one eight of an inch thickness, if you would like to weld thicker sheets you'll be able to use one thing with higher voltage.

The equipment for this process is obtained in diverse sizes and at completely unusual voltages. It is renowned for its superior performance also it's cost effective.


Tungsten inert gas shortly, known as tig welding. In TIG, it's vital to line up a good quality electrical contact linking the tungsten and collets. This way current transmit and weld quality can be improved. It is one in the midst of the best techniques for welding and manipulating aluminum though it is exceedingly charged higher. One amongst the main benefit to a TIG welder is its lofty amperage that helps larger thickness of metal to be welded, between different advantages about the purity of the metal, cleaning etc., even this is often thought of.

Difference between tig welding and mig welding:

Both metal inert gas and tungsten inert gas are arc welding applications but both has its own features and different from one another.

MIG welds-consumable electrode, whereas TIG welds-non-consumable electrode. TIG welding usually includes filler metal similarly.

TIG and MIG arc welding are automated. However, TIG may be a lot of difficult method therefore the equipment is costlier and tough to set-up.

While performing these actions it is always necessary to make sure that the right kind of welding machine is used to fuse two metals of different types otherwise it will not give out the desired result. The power supply needed and the right set of tools and welding accessories should be analyzed before getting into the welding process such that it will make sure that the final output is of great use. The welding accessories mainly comprises of welding curtain, goggles, gauntlet, the welding helmet and the welding torch.

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