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Essentials of Stick Welding

Friday, May 14, 2010
In welding terminology stick welding is the common name given to Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) or Arc Welding. One has to consider five basic aspects when selecting and working with stick welding process are called CLAMS

For example, CLAMS stands for:

C - Current setting L - Length of arc A - Angle of travel M - Manipulation S - Speed of travel

Current setting - The current setting or the amperage depends on the type of electrodes used. It is important to set the right current rating recommended for the particular electrode selected. This rating is indicated on the side of the electrode box. Most of the latest welding machines have a sticker or a label pasted which gives the appropriate amperage values for various electrode thicknesses that are commonly used.

Length of arc - It is important to choosing the right arc length to suit the electrode which you have selected for the intended welding task. This will prevent excess spatter and undercuts. Also, it is necessary to hold the electrode at the optimum distance from the welding area because if you hold it too close there will be sharp decrease in voltage resulting in poor weld. Similarly, the common mistake done by many newcomers to welding is holding the electrode too far resulting in lot of spatter. Hence, through constant practice will help anyone how to maintain the correct arc length and to have minimum splatter and beads.

Angle of travel - Holding the electrode at right angle will have minimum beads. It is important to note that by keeping the electrode at perpendicular position during the welding run will generate excessive beads.

Manipulation - If someone is interested in pursuing a career in welding, he should not only have a thorough knowledge of welding basics but also should continually build upon on the basics he has acquired. In essence, knowing your basics will certainly take you to many places as a professional and an experienced welder. However, constant observation, commitment, experimentation and innovation will certainly give anyone his own style and edge over others when performing the job.

Speed of travel - It is important to continually maintain the same speed of travel to produce good beads. Sometime, you may have to change the speed of travel to make sure that the arc stays within the specific or intended area. Also, note that high speeds of travel will create high crowns and undercuts. Similarly, excess speed of travel also have poor penetration and resulting in poor or week weld.

While considering the above essential aspects on stick welding, one must be prepared to learn from his mistakes. He should be prepared to go through the difficult rout and overcome challenges faced when becoming a professional welder. Only few will succeed in becoming very capable and experienced welders. The people who have succeed in welding profession are strong minded, committed and highly focused. Also, they strive for perfection and are committed to attention to detail. Another most important aspect of welding is to take adequate precaution on health and safety as welding processes are hazardous and risky. Hence, using the right safety equipment and gear is necessary for a good welder. The final note is that stick welding or any other welding job is a highly skilled and rewarding profession, hence it is vital for anyone to maser the all aspects of welding processes and be prepared to build on his mistakes.

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