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Welding Services Grande Prairie

Saturday, October 15, 2011
Highland Welding Services provides portable and shop welding, structural repair, pipe fitting, stainless fabrication services, facility services and construction across the regions of Alberta, Fort Saskatchewan and Grande Prairie.

They provide repair and fabrication services of all categories including mobile welding of steel, stainless and aluminum using TIG and MIG welding applications. They have lot of experience in welding and stainless fabrication services and they are committed towards 100 percent customer satisfaction. They have a huge workshop with state-of-the-artequipment in order to ensure that whatever equipments they sell and welding services they do are of the top quality. They have developed this equipment repair facility to accommodate all types of heavy machines and ensure quality workmanship using advanced tools.

Their service team can refurbish and rebuild your used equipments in order to extend the value and lifetime of your machinery. Whether structural or heavy machinery requires re-building or repair, their experts can handle anything and ensure that the requirements of customers are met perfectly.

They are very good in performing precision welding of fabrications and heavy equipments as well as in repair and installation of structural equipments. There are 4 important methods of metal transfer in Gas Metal Arc welding which includes spray, pulsed-spray, globular, short-circuiting etc and every type has its own properties and corresponding benefits and drawbacks. The Gas metal arc welding was initially developed as a technique to weld non-ferrous metals especially aluminum and later it was applied for steels and iron since it reduced welding time when compared to other techniques used for welding. At present gas metal arc welding is the most common and widely used welding technique in industries due to its speed and versatility. It is used for welding metals such as steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

Another common welding technique is GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc welding) in which welding region is protected from contamination from atmosphere using shielding gas (inert gases like argon) and filler materials used during the welding process. 

It is generally used for welding thin sections of light metals like magnesium, copper and aluminum alloys along with stainless steel. This technique also gives greater control and flexibility in welding for the operator when compared to other processes like gas metal arc welding and shielded metal arc welding which allows for higher quality and stronger welds.

Another common method is Oxyacetylene welding which uses heat created by gas flame for melting the base metal. The gas flame is produced through combustion of fuel and oxygen and generally used fuels are hydrogen, natural gas, butane and propane. Oxygen and acetylene is burnt at around 6300 degrees which is the hottest for any gas flame and has potential to melt almost any type of metals. The oxyacetylene welding is versatile process which can be used for heating, cutting, brazing and soldering of metals. It is the best method for portable welding and is cheaper when compared to arc welding. It can weld any thickness of metals and is used for heavy equipments. It is hard to master and some safety issues are concerned regarding flammability of acetylene and high pressure used in the gas cylinders. The experts at Highland Welding Services are good in all types of welding processes and guarantee 100 percent perfection in their workmanship.

The list of services offered by Highland welding services include:

1. Portable and Shop welding
2. Heavy and structural equipment repair
3. Pipe fitting services
4. Facility services and construction
5. Pressure and Stainless pressure fabrication and services


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