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Welding: A Few Points

Sunday, October 9, 2011
Welding is attaching two or more metal object to one another by using high enough temperatures for them to melt. Welding can be a task for the untrained, but one you practice long enough you will be welding as fast as ever. Welding no doubt is a dangerous job. You are constantly being exposed to all sorts of fumes as well as hot temperatures which can cause fatal accidents. Due to these factors, it is important that you wear all the necessary safety equipment as well as take all the necessary precautions so that you are welding safely. It is better to be safe than sorry. 

When you are welding you will need to wear speedglass. This is a must as speedglass is what protects your eyes from the bright light of the welding torch. It also prevents flying sparks from hitting you in the eye. You should wear your safety gear at all times especially the safety eye wear. Even if you are performing a small weld and you do not feel it is necessary make sure you wear the speedglass at all times. When you weld you are using your hands so you need to make sure that they are protected. Wearing welder's gloves will protect you from the intense temperatures which you are exposed to while welding. Wearing pants with cuffs is defiantly recommended when you are welding as sparks can fly and fall into the cuffs. Ensure that you are wearing a leather apron at all time so that in case any sparks fly you are well protected. 

Not only do you have to protect yourself, but you have to make sure that your environment is safe as well. The place you are welding in should be flame retardant. There should be no fabric around as well as the floors should be treated with fire retardant materials. When you weld fumes are created which are toxic in nature. To avoid any poisoning ensure that the room you weld in is well ventilated and that there are exhaust systems in place to remove any harmful fumes. 

When transporting oxygen tanks transport them in the correct manner and do not expose them to too much heat. Do not leave a tank in your truck otherwise it can over heat and even burst. Follow all the necessary safety measure and precautions to guarantee that your welding job is accident free and without any hiccups.


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