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Welders have an impressive new resource available to help them find job openings in their field. WeldingJobs.org is a website that provides the most comprehensive list of welding jobs that are currently open, and it is free for all jobseekers.

Welding is the most common way to join metal parts together. Welders can either be trained on the job or may attend a technical college or training program in order to earn a certificate in welding. Nearly two-thirds of all jobs in welding are employed by the manufacturing industry. Many are employed as structural welders on construction sites, or as rig welders or iron workers. 

Entry level welders should be willing to start out as a welding assistant, while they gain on-the-job experience and can progress in their careers. 

There are various types of welding, from ARC welding to stick welding. Soldering and braising are also often responsibilities of welders.

http://WeldingJobs.org is a project that has made the job search much easier for individuals in the field of welding. It is our goal to extend the best resources possible to these highly skilled workers,” JustJobs President, Eric Shannon said. 

About JustJobs.com
Launched by LatPro Inc. in June of 2009, JustJobs.com operates a network of job-related websites which gives seekers an easy way to find the most meaningful jobs based on their needs. Established in 1997, LatPro got its start as a leader in Hispanic jobs with the LatPro.com website.


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