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A Mig Welding Guide

Friday, January 8, 2010
MIG welding is one of the easiest forms of welding, but then it needs practice to get a good hand at this form of welding. With the right equipment and the required experience you could carry out one of the finest welds with the help of this MIG welding plant.

MIG welding is basically used to join aluminum and other sheet metals generally softer metals. You could use MIG welding where you may not need high penetration power and to weld sheets with a thickness of around one eight of an inch. If you are planning for larger thickness sheets it would be advisable to go ion for the plant that will support 230 volts. If it is commercial welding, then go in for a plant with high amps something greater than 200 amps.

MIG stands for metal inert gas welding. The name is derived from the welding that is done using inert gas as a shield to protect the weld pool and this also acts as a flux for the welding object.

When making use of stick welding, the flux is there on the stick or the filler rod, in this case the shield is provided by the inert gas.

It was once felt that welding plants are quite costly and that to have a welding plant for personal use is beyond one’s reach. This is not true as on date as one can buy a MIG welding plant for a few hundred dollars, if one is going to use this plant only occasionally, if you are ready to spare a bit more you can go in for better equipment that will be quite useful to have around that house and you are likely to the neighborhood favorite.

When doing welding with a MIG plant, the filler wire if being fed by the wire feeder. What you are likely to hold will be something like an alligator clip, and this is to be brought close to the welding zone. For thicker metals that are within the range of your plant, you could do with a bit of pre heating. Pre heating should not cross 250 degree F when you are making use of the smaller plant that is not meant for commercial use.

If you are going to plug it in your house hold socket, one important point that you need to remember is that change the rating of your fuse, otherwise you are likely to blow your fuse every often. It can be learned also by experience.

If you are using the MIG welding plant for the first time without the help of a guide, you are likely to make a hole in your sheet / weld job. But take my advice, don’t give up, with a few more holes, you are likely to become a better welder than when you started off first.

Tyler Powers is editor and webmaster for www.wcwelding.com. A metalworking and welding resource for fabricators and welders.


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