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Baltimore, Maryland – The US-European industrial trade portal ForeignTRADEX.com announced today the release of its new and improved Metal Fabricators Directory published in partnership with IndustrialCOOP. The company said all types of metal fabricating services can be located on the new site offered by job shops in national and international markets specializing in metalworking solutions involving stainless steel, sheet metal, aluminum and other machined parts at http://www.dir.industrialcoop.com/index.php?c=738

According to Greg Stevens, spokesman for ForeignTRADEX, the new Metalworking directory also provides access to hundreds of other machine shops and metal fabricators approved by editors of the company at http://www.foreigntradeexchange.com/suppliers/metal_fabricating.html. Stevens said the publication is utilized as a buying guide for domestic and global companies sourcing for custom metal components and parts for industrial, electrical, electronic, machinery and fluid control applications.

“The metalworking guide was created to promote custom manufacturers of metal products across North America and abroad with focus on helping buyers connect with shops that can best meet their needs,” said Stevens. He continued, “From custom made copper valves, steel bearings and machinery parts to custom sheet metal enclosures, prototypes and electronic assemblies, the site provides access to metal fabricators all over the world offering a wide variety of customized metal products.”

About ForeignTRADEX

ForeignTRADEX is a US-European Industrial Trade Portal designed to connect American and European exporters and importers of industrial products. The site includes offerings for a broad variety of industrial supplies, equipment and machinery as well as manufacturing services from leading companies in the United States, Canada and Western Europe.


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