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Dalsin Industries is pleased to announce they have purchased the new CRZ-FT and Versa RC3 and are in full production with these two new robotic welding systems. This new robotic welding equipment expands upon their current welding capabilities along with significantly reducing manufacturing costs associated with welding sheet u metal parts into sheet metal assemblies.

The CRZ-FT is ideal for small and medium parts that can be welded with no positioning or manual progressive processing. Unlike a turntable it eliminates downtime during fixture changeover and provides easier and safer robot programming.

Complete Fixed Table two-station single load/unload welding cell
Table size - 36" x 40"
Weight Capacity - 1,000 lbs. per side

Versa RC3
The Versa RC3 is designed to handle high volume production parts that require repositioning during the weld cycle. The patented, center-mounted robot design maximizes the utilization of the robot work envelope by placing the robot in the center of the turntable and closer to the work piece. It offers a 4-5 second exchange speed.

Tooling Length - 96"
Weight Capacity - 750 – 1200 lbs. per side
Swing Diameter - 36"

These machines allow Dalsin to adapt to our customer requests for producing customized sheet metal welded assemblies of all sizes. It has enabled Dalsin to apply robotic welding to much more diverse part and assembly geometries which in turn improves quality and repeatability while significantly reducing the cost of manufacturing sheet metal welded assemblies. It also allows us to reduce the complexity required in welding fixtures which reduces then reduces fixture costs.

Dalsin Industries has the experience and capabilities required to meet the sheet metal fabrication needs of large and small customers alike. We have 60+ years of experience, a 130,000+ sq. ft. manufacturing facility, with a significant investment in new equipment technology over recent years.

Dalsin Industries
Mike Simich


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