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This welder has a solid, robust case and a strong carry strap enabling it to be truly portable – weighing only 13kg. With a healthy 160Amps of welding power on tap this TIG welder is capable of welding mm steel without fuss.

Featuring pulse welding technology it allows for far greater control of heat into the weld pool which will result in less heat deformation when compared to lesser featured TIG welders. In addition to this it carries HF starting and settings to adjust gas post flow and slope up and slope down.

The TIG160PDC features a high 35% duty cycle and carries an input fuse rating of 13 Amps.

With a ‘one box’ solution R-Tech Welding Equipment provide everything you need to start quality TIG welding (torch, earth lead, MMA Arc welding lead, mains cable, argon regulator, owners manual, torch consumables kit with tungstens). All you need is to add a bottle of pure argon gas, a 240v electricity supply and a quantity of filler rods, which R-Tech are also happy to supply.

Thanks to the many benefits of the TIG 161 I know that many fabricators and welders will be eager to test drive one of these machines to experience the benefits it has to offer.

With a comprehensive one year in-house warranty and technical support R-Tech Welding Equipment are rapidly establishing themselves as a quality welding equipment brand.

To see the complete range from R-Tech Welding Equipment visit www.r-techwelding.co.uk or telephone them on 01452 733933.

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Tig Welders, Mig Welders, Plasma Cutters and Welding Equipment to the Automotive, Fabrication and Maintenance divisions. Specialising in the sales, repair and serivce of Inverter Welding Equipment.


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