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The American Machine Shops Network announced today the manufacturing specialists Industrial Leaders Group (ILG) completed its independent online poll showing companies nationwide prefer AMSN when looking for a machine shop service at http://www.mfgpartners.net/machine-shop-service According to MFGpartners.net the poll asked a number of manufacturers that utilize a variety of machining, prototyping, tool making, molding, metal and plastic fabricating as well as other manufacturing services their preference for receiving bids from vendors, and the majority selected the American Machine Shop Network.

AMSN spokesman David Greenwell said the company is focusing on the state of Arizona to help boost the manufacturing community in Phoenix, Chandler, Yuma, Scottsdale, Tucson, Tempe, Peoria, Glendale, Mesa, Gilbert and other cities throughout beautiful Grand Canyon State. According to Greenwell the MFGpartners website added offerings for precision machining services, custom plastic parts, plastic fabrication, powder metal parts, precision metal machining services, plastic tooling, rapid protptying and other services from machine shops, foundries, steel centers, mold makers, stainless steel fabricators and other custom manufacturers working with various materials at http://www.mfgpartners.net/precision-machining-services

“The American Machine Shops Network is pleased to help so many businesses throughout Arizona in need of local manufacturing solutions because the state has a long history of showing its American pride as home to many hardworking middle class families that believe in religious and independent rights for all Americans,” said Greenwell. He continued, “The Grand Canyon State is on the radar of AMSN to help bring work to local job shops by connecting such companies with those in the market for industrial fabrication, mold making and CNC machining services all over the state and nationwide.” Additional information is available on the latest offerings on the company's website at http://www.mfgpartners.net/machining-services

About MFGpartners

MFGpartners.net is home of the American Machine Shops Network (AMSN). The company specializes in promoting US-based manufacturers of machined parts and components as well as other custom manufacturers. AMSN is designed to help companies, inventors, engineers and others find the most suitable machine shop offering a variety of CNC machining, fabrication, prototyping, foundry casting and other contract manufacturing solutions. AMSN also owns MFGmatch.net, the leading custom manufacturing marketplace.


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