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Crankshaft Repair and Remanufacturing

Monday, December 7, 2009
When it comes to complete crankshaft repair, the Crankshaft Company offers complete remanufacturing services for most automotive, industrial, and small engine crankshafts.

The crankshaft remanufacturing process first involves thoroughly cleaning the crankshaft. In some cases this may require oven baking and shot blasting with stainless steel shot. The crankshaft is then checked for straightness and tested with a magnaflux machine to determine if any cracks exist. Providing the crankshaft passes inspection, it then goes onto the machining process.

Some crankshafts that are extremely damaged may require a rod, main, or thrust weld. The crankshaft welding process is performed in house. Any journal that requires welding is first underground to remove any bearing material and to provide for an indexed weld. For most automotive applications, crank shaft welds are adequate for daily driver engines.

The Crankshaft Company also provides complete crankshaft grinding services in our automotive machine shop. Crankshafts are typically ground .010, .020, or .030 under or their metric equivalent. We are capable of keeping journal taper to a maximum of .0001 for a typical small block Chevy rod journal. There are no out of round conditions that exist when the crankshaft has been completely ground.

When the crankshaft has finished being ground, the oil holes are then chamfered and deburred. The crankshaft is then micro-polished, making for an extremely smooth surface for engine bearings. The finished crankshaft is then coated with an anti-rust chemical and bagged for delivery. The engine builder will receive a crankshaft that is ready for installation after a light pre-assembly wash.

Specialized crankshaft repair services are offered by the Crankshaft Company as needed. For example, reverse rotation marine engines are ground and polished in a different directory. Also high performance crankshaft remanufacturing may require even tighter tolerances, welds for stroker applications, and much more.

For additional information about your crankshaft repair and remanufacturing options, please visit the Crankshaft Company website at: http://www.crankshaftco.com


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