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DUBLIN --Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Analyzing China's Copper Industry" report to their offering.

Copper, an element which has been resilient enough to stand the test of time owing to reasons more than only its chemical properties. This docile element with the symbol Cu and atomic number 29 in the periodic table has stamped its role in a broad expense of human history for nearly 10,000 years. The cradle civilizations as Iraq, Egypt, Greece, Sumerian, as well as China have all recorded early evidence of application of copper in daily life. The linguistic origin of the name "Copper" can also be traced down to the principal mining of Copper in Cyprus under the Roman empire wherein it was named as Cyprium, "metal of Cyprus" later shortened to Cuprum.

The United States and other countries as Chile still have significant reserves of copper which is mined in large open pit mines. The commercial interest in copper can be gauged from the almost 500% increase in the prices from a 60 year low in 1999 fuelled by demand thereby putting this element on the hot list due to such highly fickle prices. The New Scientist opines that planet earth has only 61 years more of copper supply left as it's excellent electrical conductivity , high malleability etc have lent it to very wide range of industrial applications in conducting heat or electricity , building material applications and alloy mating thereby making it one of the most in demand metals in the industrialized world today.

Aruvians Rsearch's report on Analyzing China's Copper Industry initiates with an understanding of the global copper industry delving theoretically into the basic characteristics of copper, exploration of copper, mining of copper and also the technologies involved in copper production. The report then further elaborates on the uses of copper which have led to the development of a global industry structure which are further explained in the form of various markets of copper.

The report also critically examines the impact of copper mining on the environment which is a direct correlation of the rampant consumption of copper by the lifestyles of the industrialized world.

China which holds a dragon's share of 14% of the world's copper production pie is credited as the world's second largest copper producer in the report. China's markets which have experienced strong demand graphs in 2007 and 2008 due to major investments in power generation have on the contrary seen production problems due to poor power supply at times which have in turn contributed to difficult market conditions. Aruvians Rsearch has identified that such market characteristics have made it absolutely essential to deliver a comprehensive understanding of China's Copper Industry in this report.

Aruvians Rsearch report on China's Copper Industry delivers on a comprehensive understanding of China's markets by providing in depth profiles of market players, copper smelters, copper mines, production profile of copper, consumption patterns and much more. The report further elaborates on dimensions of copper markets in China, demand mechanics of copper in China and the report also provides a unique market forecast for copper in Chinese Industry.

Aruvians Rsearch's report Analyzing China's Copper Industry is a comprehensive and resourceful research guide on not only the Copper Industry Worldwide, but also to the Chinese Copper Market and equips the user with a deeper resourceful understanding of the magnificent role played by copper in the lifestyles of people worldwide.

Key Topics Covered:

Executive Summary

Introduction to Copper

* The Basics of Copper
* Early History of Copper Mining and Use
* Pyrometallurgy of Copper
* Looking at Modern Smelting Processes
* Release of Sulfur
* Hydrometallurgy of Copper
* Copper vs. Other Metals

Looking at the Global Copper Market

* Overview
* Trends in Price Movements
* Global Copper Demand Scenario
* Global Copper Supply Scenario
* Copper Mining on the World Map - Major Locations & Trends
* Copper Mines on the World Map - Major Locations & Trends
* Size Trends of Copper Mines
* Impact of Companies on the Global Output of Copper Mines
* Summing Up

Looking at the Chinese Copper Industry

* Overview
* Production, Number of Producers, Capacity
* Copper Demand Remains Strong
* Trends in the Chinese Copper Market
* China Copper Industry: Future Outlook

Copper Mines in China

* Zijinshan Copper Mine
* Yulong Copper Mine
* Ashele Copper Mine

Copper Smelters in China

* Baiyin
* Daye
* Guixi
* Houma
* Huludao
* Jinlong
* Kunming
* Shanghai I
* Shanghai II
* Shenyang
* Shi Lu
* Tongling II
* Wuhu
* Yunnan
* Zhongtiaoshan

Leading Industry Contributors

* Jiangxi Copper Company Limited
* Shi Lu Copper Industry
* Yunnan Copper Co
* China Copper Lead & Zinc Corp
* Zijin Mining Group Ltd


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