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Creating connections to chimneys, roof dormers and walls with hard roofing materials requires a flexible and malleable material. The sustainable solution is Soft Zinc by RHEINZINK. With its easy folding and normal soft soldering capability, connections become aesthetically pleasing when RHEINZINK Soft Zinc is used.Available in ready-to-use "smooth" or "pleated" cuts, this environmentally-friendly building product is 100% recyclable.

RHEINZINK Soft Zinc is an ecologically superior alternative to lead – there are no toxins to seep into soil or water, resulting in 100% clean water run-off. Soft Zinc is ideal for all architectural roofing products like slate, clay, profiled tile, metal or any other type of roofing that requires a moldable flashing material that would normally be specified as rolled or sheet lead. In addition, Soft Zinc is cost effective. A 17 pound roll of soft zinc provides the same
coverage as a 50 pound roll of lead at a fraction of the cost.

“RHEINZINK Soft Zinc is easy to work with and benefits the environment.” said Nils Simonsen, CEO of MetalTech-USA. “Contractors and installers can save both time and money using Soft Zinc, and architects will appreciate its aesthetic qualities. RHEINZINK Soft Zinc is an ideal product for distributors to add to their line, offering an environmentally safe option to lead.”

RHEINZINK Soft Zinc, a MetalTech-USA EcoChoice™ product, is part of MetalTech-USA’s family of products and services including: rainwater goods, metal sheets and coils, accessories, tools, pre-fabricated metal panels for facades and roofs, rapid prototyping, and installer training.

MetalTech-USA distributes and fabricates coil, sheet and architectural metal products to contractors and architects. Complete environmentally-friendly roofing, fa├žade and rainwater systems are available in copper, zinc, stainless steel, and more.


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